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Contemporary Artist


Born in Montreal in 1958, she grew up in Dorval. From childhood, Rachel devotes herself to drawing. "I found my works made at the age of 17: my hands were my live models." At 17, she buys her first brushes. Step by step, Rachel enters the world of the arts while keeping a low profile on this talent that is revealed day after day.  Restaurateur with her spouse, they will build a beautiful home where guests will taste happy delicacies. Her pencil remains not far from her tablet during this period. The adventure of pleasure to offer gourmet meals ends in 1999. Another way is emerging: foster  home. "The contact with human misery touches me deeply". Her art will then take a bigger place, as a refuge to keep her energy and moods stable to accommodate many young people. The balance between everyday life and an artist's life is very good.

     The artist and her work


From 2007 to 2010, she enrolled in the classes of Nikolai Kupriakov, founder of the École des Beaux-Arts of Montreal-Artus. The study of the body and its mysteries to reproduce the fascine, the passion. Professor Jean-Achilles Kouamé, through whom she learns about real living models, other than her own youthful hands, leads her to a more in-depth study of the bodies to draw, paint and highlight. All elements are aligned year after year to enhance the artist's approach.


 Like a real artist, Rachel Dionne leaves her comfort zones where she is always realized with research and meticulousness, to borrow those of classicism and contemporary. "I will not shatter my paintings anymore," she says to explain her new choices of expression. Her imagination now vogues between abstraction and realism. The portraits will be her fields of exploration. The realistic portraits with the first brushstrokes will take on a mysterious air under the fuzzy effects that Rachel will apply on her borrowed subjects. She will reveal them on her paintings, those impregnated on a photo, pure strangers and later chosen in the heart of her environment: friends, children, family ...


Her conquest is that of a pilgrim of art: her path is before her. She will pick her inspiration. But why change course at this stage of his life as a painter? Mastery of her art is a goal. Work more slowly, enter the heart of his subjects to make their soul concrete and unclear, paradoxes that go well in this period of investigation of a new art that it will control.



The bright colors are not on her palette. She soaks her brushes in corrupt paintings, tones on tones. The features to be refined will be all the more precise.  In fact, her art travels every day in the world of the great masters of yesterday and today. As a "feedback" effect, she walks the paths of different painting movements to bring them back to contemporary contexts.


Life is a perpetual movement. Rachel Dionne integrates, sometimes with joy and sometimes with pain, like any artist looking for the spark that will shine on her paintings to the delight of lovers of works of art.   


(Text: Danièle Miny- Public Writer-danieleminy@hotmail.com)



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